Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Very Belated Update

This is very late, but we finished Jude's Pre-K year! My son and I both had so much fun and Jude learned a lot. I used Sonlight's P4/5 curriculum with my 4 year old son and we completed it in 10 months time. We loved almost every single book included in this core.

I was hoping to write this blog post MUCH earlier and go into a lot more detail about our school year, but so much has happened to my family since we finished Pre-K. Over the summer, Jude turned 5 and we celebrated with a trip to the Lego store and dinner at In-n-Out. My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Wesley and I have so enjoyed becoming an aunt and uncle again and Jude is a very proud cousin. In the midst of all this celebration and joy, we also had to deal with sadness and loss. Wesley's step-father, a man that helped raised him since he was the same age as our son, passed away at the end of the summer. We all lost an important man in our lives.

It's now been a little over 2 months since summer ended and we started Kindergarten. I'm just now feeling like the dust has begun to settle and I can get back to blogging. I hope to include more updates about how Kindergarten and the rest of our life has been going in the future.

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